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Director, Development and Delivery - Peter Wilkinson profile

Peter Wilkinson

After more than 20 years in the private sector, successfully leading major projects around Australia, Peter Wilkinson started as the Director of Development and Delivery in 2015, initially focusing solely on the Metro Tunnel Project.

As the work of Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) expanded with the Metro Tunnel now being built alongside several multi-billion-dollar projects in RPV’s portfolio, Peter’s role now also spans leading the delivery the Regional Rail Revival package of works and the $2.1 billion Sunbury Line Upgrade.

With the scope of RPV’s projects, Peter sees the abundant opportunities available to engineers in Victorian rail infrastructure. “RPV is delivering a very broad program of complex works that draws on a wide range of engineering disciplines and skills to bring online a world class metro.”

Having worked on the Metro Tunnel from the early stages, Peter was thrilled to recently see the Premier and Minister for Public Transport Infrastructure walking beneath Swanston Street, along the excavated central cavern of the future State Library Station. “This was a particular highlight, as it was a demonstration of the benefits of including the CBD shafts within the Early Works package, which in turn had brought forward the cavern excavation date by over 12 months.” This is just one example of how engineering capabilities to solve complex problems contributes to the efficient delivery of mega-projects.

Following RPV’s 2020 graduate cohort – including 22 engineering graduates – commencing in February, applications for RPV’s graduate program will open in the coming weeks and Peter has some advice for any graduate who is considering submitting an application to start their career with RPV. “In particular, it is a great time to be a graduate engineer in Melbourne. Infrastructure spending is at an all-time high with complex projects needing a vast spread of engineering skills. These projects are attracting the best from around the world, giving great opportunities for graduates to learn from the best.

“As a graduate, be open, but focus on your area of interest and in turn try and obtain broad experience across the various facets; design, development and delivery. Allow greater focus in a particular area as your career develops and at all times maintain your curiosity.”

As we take time in early-March to celebrate World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, Peter is excited about the opportunity to create a sustainability legacy that is afforded by working on these huge projects. “As a civil engineer I enjoy building things, the bigger and more complex the better, but I also particularly enjoy building public infrastructure as its broader benefits are so tangible and appreciated by the community.

“Major infrastructure projects use an enormous amount of resources to build and leave a significant footprint after they are delivered. Resources are limited and environmental impacts can be great. At RPV we have had great success introducing sustainable work practices around the use of water, solar power, protecting and conserving the natural environment and preparing for the challenges presented by climate change. Engineers have the unique skills to create efficient builds that can reduce the overall footprint and provide sustainable outcomes.”

View RPV’s Sustainability Report.

Peter Wilkinson