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Graduate Program

A two-year program designed for recent graduates to begin their career working on some of Victoria’s largest and most iconic rail infrastructure projects.


Graduates will be given the opportunity to learn and grow as much as possible with structured rotations throughout the two years.

  • 24-month program (4 x 6-month rotations)
  • Opportunity for rotations within the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority and external rotations with contractors
  • Full-time work opportunity
  • On-the-job learning experience
  • Be a part of Victoria's largest rail infrastructure projects
  • 24-month structured learning program

Learning Series Overview

The Graduate Learning Series is designed to develop graduates’ ability to successfully deliver on the project’s objectives and build important knowledge and skills required for effective performance and a successful career.

Our graduates are given the opportunity to learn through several different workshops and activities including:

  • Site tours- Find out more about our projects and see what work is currently taking place.
  • Mentoring Program- Be mentored by an experienced Rail Projects Victoria employee to gain critical knowledge of the transport industry.
  • Performance Under Pressure Workshop- Focuses on preparing high performing individuals to flourish in times where they are required to perform, regardless of the immediate and/or long-term pressures they can face.
  • Understanding Self and Others Workshop- This workshop focuses on the way we communicate and how it can impact trust and outcomes. Individuals will learn about how they work with others, and how they can be impacted by what we say.
  • Mental Health First Aid Training- Focuses on empowering individuals with the mental health first aid skills to support colleagues, friends of family.
  • Taking the next step in you career sessions- Career development focusing on preparing you for your next role.

Along with these sessions, Graduates are also encouraged to attend other workshops and activities here possible.

About you

  • Eager to learn
  • Ready to take the next step in your career
  • Interest in major rail infrastructure projects


  • Completed your relevant degree within 18 months of the program commencement date
  • Australian Citizen, New Zealand Citizen, Permanent Resident or have full valid working rights

Disciplines we offer

  • Accounting (Qualifications: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Finance)
  • Commercial (Qualifications: Business, Commerce, Finance, Economics, Law, Management)
  • Communications and Stakeholder Engagement (Qualifications: Communications, Digital Communications, Journalism, Marketing, Media, Public Relations)
  • Engineering (Civil)
  • Engineering (Electrical)
  • Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Engineering (Mechatronics) (Qualifications: Mechatronics, Advanced Manufacturing)
  • Graphic Design (Qualifications: Graphic Design, Visual Communications)
  • Human Resources (Qualifications: Human Resources, Business (HR), Management (HR), Commerce (HR))
  • Information Systems (Qualifications: Information Systems, Computer Science)
  • Legal (Qualifications: Law)
  • Planning and Environment (Qualifications: Environmental Science, Science-Environmental, Rural Planning, Sustainability, Town Planning, Urban Planning)
  • Procurement (Qualifications: Business, Commerce, Finance, Supply Chain Management)
  • Safety (Qualifications: OH&S, Safety Management)

How to apply

Applications open in March yearly, keep an eye on our website, your university career page, Seek and Linkedin.


  • March- Applications open
  • April-May- Online cognitive assessments, video assessments, group assessments and individual interviews*
  • June- Police and qualification checks, reference checks and offers
  • Start date: Graduates will be starting in February 2020

*Individual interviews are dependent on discipline.

Further information

If you would like any further information about the recruitment process, please email: