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Western Rail Plan

To ensure the Victorian rail network can continue to meet unprecedented demand and enable regional Victoria to grow and be a destination of choice, planning is needed for the following three major connected projects:

  • Two new electrified metro rail lines through to growth areas in Melton and Wyndham Vale
  • Increased capacity between Sunshine and the CBD to cater for faster and more frequent metro and regional trains
  • Major investment in the Geelong and Ballarat lines to run trains faster than 160km/h. This will include exploration of electrification of these lines and new, fast electric regional trains.

Electrification of the Melton and Wyndham Vale lines

The provision of two new electrified metropolitan rail lines through the western suburbs to growth areas in Melton and Wyndham Vale will separate them from the Ballarat and Geelong lines.

This would give Melbourne’s growing suburbs frequent high-capacity services on the metro network, and return regional rail lines to regional passengers, creating the potential to run faster services.

The patronage growth on the Melton and Wyndham Vale corridors is significant. Currently, Melbourne’s growing western suburbs are only serviced by regional rail lines – leaving them without access to the metro network. Instead they utilise space in regional trains and prevent fast, express services from Geelong or Ballarat.

Fast rail services to Geelong and Ballarat are not possible without new Melton and Wyndham metro lines. New metro lines to Melton and Wyndham would cater for patronage growth in Melbourne's west and give our two busiest regional rail lines back to regional passengers, paving the way for fast rail from Geelong and Ballarat.

A potential connection from Wyndham Vale to Werribee would also be considered – with the potential for this link to become the western section of the proposed Suburban Rail Loop.

Increased capacity between Sunshine and the CBD

Increased track capacity between Sunshine and the CBD is needed for faster and more frequent metro and regional trains.

Sunshine has the potential to become a major hub and interchange between metropolitan and regional rail services and a gateway to Melbourne Airport via a new rail link. But right now, there is limited available space for additional tracks between Sunshine and Southern Cross Station.

Extra track capacity will be needed to realise the full benefit of new metro lines, the Melbourne Airport Rail Link and fast rail services to our regional cities.

Work is underway to identify possible options to increase rail capacity between Sunshine and the CBD, including a possible new rail tunnel. This planning will take place in conjunction with the development of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link.

Fast Rail to Geelong

Geelong is Victoria’s second largest city and the second fastest growing city in Australia.

The Victorian Government is investing in detailed planning work and technical investigations to determine a preferred option for fast rail between Melbourne and Geelong.

The preferred option will maximise benefits by integrating it with the existing rail network and unlocking capacity in Melbourne’s booming west and north.

Investigations will focus on these key areas:

  • More frequent and more reliable regional services, including priority investigation of fast rail to Geelong.
  • Dedicated rolling stock capable of speeds more than anything currently operating in Victoria.
  • Electrification of services in the fastest growing parts of Victoria, including Wyndham Vale and Melton.
  • A new transport superhub at Sunshine to facilitate better integration of rail services.

Learn more about Fast Rail to Geelong.

Western Rail Plan

Download the Western Rail Plan (PDF) to find out more. (Download word document)

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